Damp Proofing

Protecting your property against the rigours of damp


Damp & Mould

Serving both domestic and commercial customers throughout Bristol, we also provide our expert knowledge in damp proofing across the South West. If your home shows any signs of damp, mould or wood rot then it is imperative you call us as soon as possible. If left untreated, damp can eat away at your property and cause much more extensive damage that could run into the thousands of pounds to repair. In addition to this damp and mould can cause severe health problems.

Damp Proofing

By far the best method to protect your domestic or commercial property against the damage caused by moisture and damp is to ensure that it does not enter your property in the first place. If you spot the tell-tale signs of damp in either a brand-new home or an older one, you should take steps to remedy it immediately. Catching the problem early is key to avoiding expensive damage to the property and protecting occupants from the harmful health impacts of mould and spores. Your property may be lacking protection, either in the walls or flooring and potentially gaps between windows and doors. Damp can be an outcome of poor ventilation and it is crucial that it is addressed as soon as possible. We have 15 years experience of investigating and carrying out remedial works to combat damp across Bristol and Bath.

If you notice any type of damp visible on your walls, ceiling or something you suspect might be dry rot, wet rot or mould, don’t delay. Call us for a free no obligation damp survey. If you live in Bristol, Bath or the South West our team will make a suitable appointment to come and inspect your home or business premises, assess the problem and advise how we can remedy your situation quickly and cost-effectively.

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